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What is This?

What is different about what I get from CSFM vs. what I already have?

CSFM generates financial statements that give the decision makers the core financial information they need without the “clutter”, which can be common with many companies existing internal reports.

CSFM’s proprietary cash flow statement is unique, succinct and uses a common sense format that ties together the balance sheet and income statement, which can be similar to existing summarized internal reports. 

CSFM’s common sense approach to financial reports contrasts with “rules-based” reporting, which is used by most financial statement preparers.  Too often the needs of the financial decision makers are lost among the needs of financial statement preparers.   

CSFM also includes a succinct, one page analysis which is a straightforward financial summary.  This helps provide decisions makers, with the financial information needed to quickly and confidently identify and address strategic issues that require attention.

CSFM’s reports are designed for clarity, reality and brevity.  They provide information with which decision makers can focus on primary business issues.

CSFM is not a “one size fits all” approach.  Decision makers are involved in the process of tailoring their business’s key financial reports.

Financial reports that, subsequent to being reviewed, result in as many or more uncertainties than existed prior to their review, is not what is needed.