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All businesses know the importance of the following concepts:

  • Cash flow;
  • Strength (or weakness) of the balance sheet (re: liquidity);
  • Loan borrowing capacity;
  • Drivers of shareholder value;
  • Trends and comparative information

Managing, evaluating and investing in a business are often made more difficult when the information regarding these concepts is not available in a succinct manner.  This is because meaningful financial information is, all too often, difficult to decipher from established, generally accepted, “rules-based” financial reports.

Many business decision makers are frustrated as they are provided financial reports that do not fully serve their needs and can create as many or more questions than they answer.

During much of Ed Patton’s thirty plus years of experience in Big 4 accounting, controllerships and investment banking, he was perplexed and frustrated as to why basic pertinent, common sense financial information was difficult, or nearly impossible, for so many businesses to obtain. 

Over the years, Mr. Patton has developed and refined a methodology that solves this problem.  It provides reality, clarity and brevity to basic financial reports.

This methodology is referred to herein as CSFM which is an acronym for the Common Sense Financial Method.